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Thyroid-Health Capsules
Thyroid-Health Capsules
  • Brand: Apple
  • Product Code: Thyroid-Health Capsules
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  • ₹2,500

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Thyroid-Health (60 Capsules) - Add Veda


Add Veda’s Thyroid-Health Capsules are a nutritious herbal supplement for thyroid function. These capsules consist of ideal blend of effective herbs formulated to offer you relief from ailments such as Myxodema (Hypothyroidism), Obesity, Goitre and Thyroiditis. They help in removing toxins out of the lymph system and speed up metabolic activities. The herbs of Thyroid Health have been carefully selected and examined for the perfect concoction. The capsules promote a natural state of equilibrium among many systems of our body. They are non-hormonal and 100% herbal.

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